Trophy Land Lease is comprised of employees who love the outdoors.  We hunt, fish, camp and spend as much time as we can outside in the great State of Michigan.  Our employees are family oriented and we closely work together to make Trophy Land Lease successful and keep our customers happy.  If you value these characteristics and think you have the skills for one of the jobs below, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page. 

Lease Agents

Location: Most Michigan Counties
Job: To seek landowners willing to lease their property to others.

Job Description

We are looking for experienced outdoors people who have strong communications, relationship and “selling” skills.  With the use of our website and other methods, we will provide you “warm” leads to visit landowners.  

After receiving some coaching and training from our staff, your job is to contact the landowners to determine if they’re interested in leasing their property.  For those landowners who express interest, you visit the landowner, tour their property, take photographs, identify any restrictions/requirements they have for their land and assess their level of interest.  Additionally, we’ll need you to identify the property lines, list the type of features on the property and assess the land for game and habitat.

Position Requirements:

  • Experience in the outdoors.
  • Strong communication, relationship and "selling" skills
  • Personal computer with internet access
  • Digital camera and ability to upload pictures
  • Hand held GPS and familiarity of use preferred
  • Personal health insurance
  • Reliable transportation
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